THE QUEEN & THE NARCISSIST - my secret from chapter 24

Unbelievable but true!

Rendevouz with death - the queen chooses life ...

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The secret from chapter 24 ...

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CONGRATULATE that you want to reveal the secret, what YOU can do to have as much energy as I do and to free your precious body cells from garbage, which has not the least to look for in there. On the contrary, this very fact explains the various construction sites, which you have unwontedly and also unconsciously, "hooked" yourself in the course of time. That this is meant ironically, should be clear, because to laugh this is certainly NOT! 

With me exactly therefore no clear view was possible anymore, on the current events. First of all, I had to see >A LIGHT UP< For this, it could be helpful to research the following:

Professor Fritz-Albert Popp / German biophysicist

I was like most people. I was trapped in a dark dungeon visible only to me. I will now tell you about my successful escape from this theater of war, where bombs were fired at me every day. I could not cope with the situation alone, so badly injured. 

The aggressor, who operated the cannon, changed the clothes, to stick plasters as a medic on the wounds, which HE had inflicted me, with sadistic pleasure, mercilessly.

I will acquaint you with my secret afterwards. 


For example, how could I manage to escape and now, strong as never before, as the best version of myself, seek out the lovers and girlfriends of my, costumed as a husband, cheater, find them and help them back to life?

To do this, it is important that you recognize the magical connections. Now I speak to you as a nurse ;-)

First of all, it is obligatory to realize that we carry trillions of highly polluted cells in our body systems. This catastrophe has already begun before our birth. For those who do not know anything about it, it is certainly a shock. There were innumerable indications, which you must put together now only like puzzle pieces.

Every day you learn, among other things through the media, that again toxins have been found in food, water or the environment. I mention only some of them. The "non-believers" PLEASE I RECHECK EVERYTHING!!! Do not believe the reports uncritically.


Mercury -- Aluminum -- Morgellons -- Lead -- Arsenic -- Barium -- Strontium -- Gadolinium -- Titanium -- Cadmium -- Mold Spores -- X-ray Isotopes -- Parasites -- Agent Orange (Vietnam Defoliant) etc. 


FOODSTUFF (FOOD is almost non-existent :-(). 

Glyphosate -- herbicides -- aspartame -- glutamate -- heavy metals -- fluorine -- molds -- etc.


Chlorine and other chemicals -- Drug residues -- Assel feces and assel parts -- Nitrates -- Lime -- Bacteria -- Microplastics -- Gadolinium -- Aluminum -- etc.   


Chemicals -- Microplastics -- Plasticizers -- Inorganic minerals -- Fluorine -- Gadolinium -- Aluminum -- etc.


Aluminum -- Barium -- Titanium -- Strontium/radioactive isotopes -- Mold spores -- etc.   


Aluminum salts -- Benzophenone -- Formaldehyde -- Mineral oils -- Paraffins, synthetic glycerin -- Parabens -- Plasticizers, especially phthalates -- Emulsifiers -- Silicones -- etc.   


Surfactants -- Fragrances -- Polycarboxylates -- Phosphonates -- Enzymes -- Polymers -- Phosphates -- Optical brighteners -- Silicones -- etc.

In many cases, the non-health-promoting ingredients are declared on the respective packaging. However, they are often written in such small letters that they can hardly be seen with the naked eye. Others are simply deliberately suppressed. Should I go on, or is that enough for you?   

We can't escape the whole thing :-(

This has NOTHING to do with scaremongering, this is unfortunately the frightening reality. All the listed pollutants can massively hinder our finely tuned body systems and lead to significant dysfunctions.   


EVERYONE knows that our bodies need nutrients to be and stay healthy.   


The fact that these vital building blocks are not present in chips or cola, nor in the seemingly "better foods" should have become clear to everyone after reading the lists above.   

CONGRATULATIONS, despite the massive attacks on your lives, you are still here. Presumably, however, with bruises, i.e., various diseases, lack of energy and dramatic psychological deficits. Is anyone really surprised about this now?   

The key question now is:

Do you want to keep the mercury or the aluminum in your brain? Or in your millions and millions of other cells? By the way, Alzheimer's and dementia send their regards. DO YOU WANT TO CONTINUE LIVING IN THE DARK? What does this have to do with the promised help?


Who lives on a garbage dump, has no perspective for the future, is homeless, has arrived at the bottom. The CAUSE of almost ALL dysfunctions (called diseases), is the function prevention of over 80% of our precious cells. - Light is OFF - 

Now it becomes ingenious ...

The head is round, so that the thoughts can change their direction. Repair these construction sites effectively and measurably. FIRST NOW you can also finally think clearly again. - Light is ON -

So your many little power plants, the mitochondria, can remember their divine blueprint again. You can regain your mental strength, which you urgently need to defend yourselves and to get out of your seemingly hopeless situation. Think of it this way:

You've had some gears damaged in your engine; the prongs broken off. If you have the right tools to repair them, your machine will run properly again, and you'll be able to take off.

First the garbage must be taken out ...

... then the prerequisite for repair must be created. Finally, the micronutrients are incorporated into the cells. Ingenious SIMPLE! SIMPLE Ingenious! I have created an extensive knowledge library on this complex topic. Also, I present to you the individual "tools" specifically designed to allow your cells to repair themselves SELF.

Nobody else can do that. ONLY YOU YOURSELVES

I would like to mention someone very special at this point. Dr. Christina Rahm, an exceptional scientist with 4 PhD titles, who has implemented her vision of "REMEDY THE CAUSE"; sharing it with all of us so that every living being can benefit tremendously, including our charges, our beloved four-legged friends.

Health is the absence of illness, mental as well as physical.   

I will be happy to provide you with the knowledge so that you can be fully informed. All you need is an app called TELEGRAM Messenger. There you link up with me and get the access data to my library. You can find it under @Starlight88Queen

For those who want to register directly for free and without any obligation, here is the link. 


In the account you will find all relevant information. This is the shortest way if you are already familiar with the above facts and have perhaps been looking for a measurably successful, patented and study-based method for a long time.

My life has, after the horror experiences known to you by now, taken such a turn through this that I could tell you about my dramatic experiences. The DEATH had already wrapped me in his mantle.

Not to pass this knowledge on, is for me felt omitted assistance. 

You can also get in touch with me personally via the given TELEGRAM link



Thank YOU for listening to me and accompanying me.❤️👑

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