THE QUEEN & THE NARCISSIST by Bestselling Author ReGina König

Unbelievable but true!

Can you imagine still having such a wonderful life motto when you've just lived through 4 years of hell? We want to introduce you to such a person today! It's ReGina König and for what felt like an endless amount of time she was bullied by a narcissist in the worst possible way, yes, he didn't even shy away from attempted murder. So that this does not happen to other people, especially women, she wrote this book:



This incredible book is the true story of the 75-year young ReGina König, a successful artist who, as an extraordinary magician of colors, has now processed her dramatic crash experience, straight from heaven into hell, as an author.


Four years ago, she trustingly placed her heart in the supposedly loving hands of an exceptionally criminal narcissist.


Unexpectedly brutal and deliberate, she was torn from her slumber a little later. She finally wakes up in the coffin, amidst the debris of her heart and soul.


The reader accompanies them up close on their way out of this devilish trap and back into life.


In this book, the queen documents various Procedures of such sick psychopaths using her own example in order to make it easier for those affected to recognize the behavior patterns. 


If it saves just one female from suffering a similar fate, then every single line was worth writing.

If you want to find out more, just click on one of the buttons or contact ReGina using the form. You will find out much more, such exciting things every Thursday in this webinar "The world needs to know!" (in German), which of course can be attended free of charge.

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