Dr. Theresia Maria presents her NEW book: HeartLightKids❣

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Dr. Theresia Maria - Light & Bliss
Dr. Theresia Maria - Light & Bliss

The author Dr Theresia Maria about her NEW book:

HeartLightKids” speaks about all those wonderful , sensitive, curious, empathic, original, compassionate, creative, intuitive and engaged children, we love to be around. It also talks about distracted, daydreaming, and not performing well in school kids.

What came up as a behavioral pattern in a pediatric developmental practice was confirmed through brain studies: some children have more talkative mirror neurons and thus feel, “mirror”, engage more with others, even burghers in the street and the hurt in the movie. 

To value the emotional giftedness in these children while providing a nourishing, grounding and safe environment is all they thrive for. 

In the Book you find multiple examples, various questionnaires, and many handling, coaching, even therapeutic ideas to assist these children and all children to stay living from their hearts.

An Open Heart ❤ is what we all want at the brink of shaping a new society.

Enjoy all you parents, doctors, therapists and teachers❣

With all my heart - Dr. Theresia Maria

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HeartLightKids - the german profil
HeartLightKids - the german profil

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